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Powder Equipment

We are on one of the manufacturers and suppliers in China which is engaged in manufacturing powder equipment that is extensively used for separation of solids and gradation of material in accordance with their sizes.
Powder equipment is the machine which is available to make the goods into the powder. With the scientific design, it is cost effective that it has high output which can greatly save the money, time and energy. It is convenient to use with simple operation that one person is enough to handle with the machine. Adopting the advanced technology, it is efficient with high speed as well as the stable, consistent and outstanding performance.
And it is capable of working silently with little noise, providing the safe and quiet working environment, and enhancing the comfortable using experience. Equipped with the high-quality stainless steel, it is resistant to corrosion, dust and oxygen which is durable, extending its service life.
It is able to produce the powder or particle whose specific gravity which is under 5g/cm3; and with certain fluidity, liquid content is up to 20%, such as medical intermediate.