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Vacuum Drying Machine Requires Wet Dust Collector
Apr 19, 2016

(1) foam filter after the dust concentration in the gas through a layer of dust was washed away. Dust concentration in the gas filter air inlet of the lower part of the cylinder when, due to the effects of inertia force when airflow changes direction, coarse dust particles fall into the tube in the lower part of the cone, and drained the water washed away. Dust through a sieve-plate-formed when water boils at the top of the foam layer, which increases the contact area of gas and water, increase the effectiveness of dust. For example sieve aperture of 517mm, Center for 13mm, arranged in a diamond. Screen height up to the overflow pipe of the upper water layer control. Foam used in non-corrosive electrostatic precipitator dust and hydrophilic less dust, silica, limestone, coal and so on. Foam fluid resistance of dust collector was 686 5~980 respectively 1Pa, dust removal efficiency may reach 98%.

(2) water bath scrubber simple structure, low cost, ease of manufacture in the field. Dust is to dust the airflow through the air tube, nozzle high-speed Jet, out of the water to form bubbles and mist, with air into small particles can be present in water purification, and higher efficiency. Nozzle outlet velocity 8~12m/s, tank air velocity to 2~3M/s, intake manifold 20~30mm submerged water depth, flow resistance is generally 980~1282Pa.