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Powder Equipment Widely Used
Jul 14, 2017

Powder electrostatic spraying process was one of China's key promotion of new technologies. Powder Equipment The rapid development of the process, has been widely used in instrumentation, sewing machines, electrical and mechanical equipment, agricultural machinery, household appliances, Powder Equipment toys and other products of the spray, the prospects are very optimistic. Washing machine coating equipment generally includes high voltage electrostatic generator, electrostatic spray gun, powder supply device, powder room, powder recovery device and curing bake Road.

High-voltage electrostatic generator in the circuit principle, most of the use of high-frequency oscillation circuit to produce high-frequency signal, the transformer boost, Powder Equipment and finally send voltage rectifier circuit to obtain DC high voltage. At present, Powder Equipment China's main production of electronic vacuum tubes, transistors, transistors and integrated circuit composite block and domestic integrated circuits and other high-voltage generator. Powder electrostatic spraying of high-voltage power supply, must be able to produce high-intensity electrostatic field, from the security point of view, Powder Equipment the general output voltage is high and low current, Powder Equipment the usual voltage of about 80,000 volts, the current is less than 300 microamps.

As the front of the nozzle with a cone adjustment, spray the size of the circular area easy to adjust. From the introduction of the gun structure from abroad, one is the use of high-pressure liquid cable, Powder Equipment in the event of accidental damage, it will not be dangerous, the other is the high voltage supply assembly within the gun, so do not need stiff And susceptible high-voltage cables, thus eliminating the loss of long high-voltage cables and resistors, making the equipment more reliable and safe to work. If the workpiece is too close to the gun, the voltage will change as it approaches. It is through an adjustable closing point to trigger a signal. Powder Equipment This signal on the one hand off high pressure, on the other hand to prevent damage to the gun and the workpiece.

At present, the domestic design of the automatic spraying line is more use of the side of the fluidized bed feeder, and suction-type feeder with less. Each can be up to 4 guns, Powder Equipment the purified compressed air through the microplate into the powder barrel to make the fluid fluidized state. The powder feeding mechanism adopts the secondary gas Venturi principle, reasonably adjusts the air pressure of the primary gas and the secondary gas, can obtain the ideal density of the powder mixture and the required powder supply quantity, Powder Equipment and then the powder coating is sent to the static electricity spray gun.

The device is a large amount of powder plus powder, plus powder for color operation is simple, to ensure the uniformity of the powder. Abroad, the current use of powder barrels, Powder Equipment high voltage electrostatic generator, gas control devices and guns and other linkage of the integrated structure (that is, a combination of units at the same time with sensors and small computer control of the amount of powder, which can improve the powder coating adhesion and saving coating.

Dusting room materials can be used metal, Powder Equipment plastic plate, made of glass fiber steel. The design of the powder chamber is related to the size of the workpiece, the speed of the hanging chain, and the number of guns, as well as cleaning and color changing. From the safety point of view, Powder Equipment the wind speed inside the powder room is essential, should ensure that the powder powder powder concentration below 10 g / m. The opening area of the powder chamber determines the size of the evacuation unit. Filtration from the powder room to extract the air can be returned to the studio, the formation of air circulation, Powder Equipment so the filter system near the strong flow, so the design of the mouth and spray gun location to be appropriate.

One of the biggest advantages of powder coating is that powder coatings can be recycled, so recycling is a very important part. Recycling equipment generally have a whirlwind type, Powder Equipment suspended filter type and filter bag type several. Tornado recovery of the powder particle size of 20 to 200 microns, the recovery efficiency of 85 ~ 90%, while the filter can only recover 15 to 20 microns below the particle size, recovery efficiency of 99%.

At present, the more popular at home and abroad is the pulse backflush filter drum shed direct recovery device, the recovery device has the advantage of compact structure, Powder Equipment to meet the manual and automatic spraying of the various requirements, no pipeline, color fast, There is a microporous filter, the filter cavity to form a negative pressure zone, when the ventilation, the powder was blocked in the filter outside, Powder Equipment automatic pulse control device regularly blow ash, resulting in a sharp shrinkage of the filter cloth, so repeated expansion, So that the powder attached to the outer wall of the filter cloth into the filter, Powder Equipment the filter by the filter, the recovery of powder directly into the integrated feeder, through the pneumatic transport sent to the gun, Powder Equipment so as to complete the powder recycling process The Filter cloth material should use fiber cloth and made of folding cylindrical, Powder Equipment which can increase the filter area, dike high displacement and tensile strength.