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Powder Equipment Thermoplastic And Thermosetting
Jun 23, 2017

Powder coating is usually divided into thermoplastic and thermosetting, can be a variety of ways through the uniform application of solid powder on the surface of metal and other materials, Powder Equipment mainly for household appliances, aluminum, automotive and parts and other fields, powder coating and general liquid coating Technology can play a better effect.

Electrostatic spraying technology is one of the most widely used powder coating technologies because of its high efficiency, simple operation and cost effectiveness.

Due to the advantages of powder coatings, the global demand for powder coatings is increasing. Due to cost advantages, powder coatings are widely used in indoor equipment and infrastructure that needs to be used in harsh climates. In addition, some other strong performance than traditional liquid coatings, Powder Equipment such as abrasion resistance, wear resistance, etc., also contributed to the application of powder coatings.

However, some limitations of powder coating equipment have led to the application of powder coatings in application promotion. For example, powder coatings can not be applied to large areas of coating and are not suitable for painting on complex surface surfaces. In addition, Powder Equipment the use of some powder coating on the air compressor makes the operation more complex and cumbersome, is not conducive to this coating process market growth.

Powder coating equipment from the function is divided into oven, spray room, spray gun and so on.

The gun is typically used to allow the powder to be static and spray the charged powder onto the surface of the workpiece. The gun can be divided into hot spray gun, dual voltage powder spray gun, electrostatic spray gun, friction gun and other spray gun according to function.

Oven for curing powder coatings, the market is divided into convection curing furnace, infrared curing furnace and other types of curing oven.

Powder electrostatic spraying process was one of China's key promotion of new technologies. The rapid development of the process, has been widely used in instrumentation, Powder Equipment sewing machines, electrical and mechanical equipment, agricultural machinery, household appliances, toys and other products of the spray, the prospects are very optimistic. Washing machine coating equipment generally includes high voltage electrostatic generator, electrostatic spray gun, powder supply device, powder room, powder recovery device and curing bake Road.

High-voltage electrostatic generator in the circuit principle, most of the use of high-frequency oscillation circuit to produce high-frequency signal, the transformer boost, Powder Equipment and finally send voltage rectifier circuit to obtain DC high voltage. At present, China's main production of electronic vacuum tubes, transistors, transistors and integrated circuit composite blocks and domestic integrated circuits and other high-voltage generator. Powder electrostatic spraying of high-voltage power supply, must be able to produce high-intensity electrostatic field, from the security point of view, the general output voltage is high and low current, the usual voltage of about 80,000 volts, the current is less than 300 microamps.

At present, in addition to very few manual spraying, the majority of manufacturers are using automatic spraying method, the gun is installed in the automatic reciprocating machine, for reciprocating motion. The material requirements of the gun, one is good electrical insulation properties, and second, excellent conductive performance.

As the front of the nozzle with a cone adjustment, Powder Equipment spray the size of the circular area easy to adjust. From the introduction of the gun structure from abroad, one is the use of high-pressure liquid cable, in the event of accidental damage, it will not be dangerous, the other is the high voltage supply assembly within the gun, so do not need stiff And susceptible high-voltage cables, thus eliminating the loss of long high-voltage cables and resistors, making the equipment more reliable and safe to work. If the workpiece is too close to the gun, the voltage will change as it approaches. It is through an adjustable closing point to trigger a signal. This signal on the one hand off high pressure, on the other hand to prevent damage to the gun and the workpiece.