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Powder Equipment Relatively High
Aug 04, 2017

In the electrostatic powder coating, the curing furnace is a more critical equipment, the quality of the film and the temperature of the curing furnace has a very important relationship. Powder Equipment In the powder curing furnace heating can be divided into two categories: one for the hot air circulation class, the second category for the infrared radiation heating method. Hot air circulation can be divided into two kinds of direct heating and indirect heating. There are two kinds of heat sources for direct heating, Powder Equipment two types of electric heating screw fin and gas direct heating.

Direct electric heating spiral fins have the advantage of uniform temperature inside the furnace, the workpiece adaptability: the use of solid state relay PID to adjust the temperature, Powder Equipment the furnace temperature deviation is small. The disadvantage is that the heating time is slow, the equipment power is large. Because it is heated by hot air circulation, so the curing process is easy to cause secondary pollution of dust. Furnace covers an area of ?? large. The advantages of the direct heating mode of gas-type heating speed, Powder Equipment high heat transfer rate, furnace temperature control using proportional control control, temperature furnace temperature control deviation is small, because the burner flame burning directly in the combustion chamber, so the curing process easily Dust and waste gas secondary pollution, the design should be installed in the heating room, Powder Equipment high temperature filter, so that the choice of fans in the fan cycle should be considered a lot of pressure, the other heating room board must use stainless steel plate, the cost of these two equipment relative Increase, the furnace covers an area of large. Two indirect heating mode indirect heating of the sub-fuel of the two kinds of fuel. Indirect combustion heating characteristics, Powder Equipment there must be a heat exchanger, the term term called heat exchanger, burner flame in the heat exchanger furnace combustion, so the heat exchanger material should be selected for heat-resistant stainless steel (generally used SUS310S Material thickness can not be less than 5mm), the advantages of indirect heating method, Powder Equipment because the flame burner burned in the heat exchanger, so that the curing process will not cause secondary pollution and waste gas, temperature uniformity, temperature control can be used two fire control and Proportional control. Control the temperature is more accurate. The disadvantage of indirect heating is that, because it is through the heat exchanger heat transfer, so the thermal efficiency is low, the installation cost is relatively high, the furnace covers an area of large. Powder Equipment Infrared direct heating can be divided into two kinds of far infrared and high infrared.

Far infrared heating has been familiar to the world, when the far infrared heating body radiation spectrum and the workpiece is heated the same absorption spectrum, the highest thermal efficiency, in order to achieve energy saving. Powder Equipment The advantage of using far-infrared heating is that the radiation spectrum of the workpiece directly absorbed during the heating process allows the powder on the surface of the workpiece to solidify rapidly.

Furnace covers an area of small, Powder Equipment but the far infrared heating method of the furnace temperature uniformity is not good, so now the design are used to solve the cycle of mixing fans. The infrared radiation of the heater is absorbed by the workpiece and the powder at the same time, so that the workpiece and the powder are heated at the same time, Powder Equipment so that the powder can be cured more quickly, thus saving energy.