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Powder Equipment Homework
May 26, 2017

Powder Equipment The workpiece is ready for spraying by entering the spray nozzle position through the conveyor chain. The electrostatic generator discharges the high-voltage electrostatic (cathode) through the electrode needle at the muzzle of the gun to the space in the direction of the workpiece, Powder Equipment which causes the mixture of powder and compressed air to be sprayed from the muzzle and the air around the electrode to be ionized (with a negative charge).

The workpiece is passed through the conveyor chain grounding (grounding pole), so as to form an electric field between the spray gun and the workpiece to reach the surface of the workpiece under the double impetus of the electric field force and compressed air pressure to form a uniform coating on the workpiece surface by electrostatic attraction.

Indoor epoxy polyester powder coating. Powder Equipment Its main components are epoxy resin, polyester resin, curing agent, pigments, fillers, various additives (such as leveling agent, moistureproof agent, corner modifier, etc.). After the powder is cured, the required coating is formed on the workpiece surface.

Auxiliary material is compressed air, require clean and dry, no oil anhydrous [water content is less than 1.3g M3, oil content is less than 1.0 X 5 (mass fraction)]

Electrostatic pressure: 60 90kv. High voltage is apt to cause powder rebound and edge pitting;

Electrostatic current: $number μ A. Powder Equipment The current is too high to produce discharge breakdown powder coating;

Flow pressure: 0.30. The higher the velocity pressure is, the quicker the deposition speed of the powder is, and the faster the coating of the predetermined thickness can be obtained, but it will increase the powder dosage and the wear rate of the lance.

atomization pressure: 0.30. Proper thickening of the pressure can keep the thickness of the powder coating uniform, but too high will make the powder feeding parts wear quickly. appropriate reduction of atomization pressure can improve the powder coverage, but too low easy to make the powder feeding parts blocked.

Clear gun pressure: 0.5MPa. Powder Equipment The pressure of the gun is too high to accelerate the wear of the gun head, too low to cause a blockage of the gun.

Flow pressure for powder barrels: 04 04. The high fluidization pressure of the powder barrel will reduce the powder density and decrease the production efficiency, which is too low for powder or powder.

Distance from muzzle to workpiece: 150. Powder Equipment The muzzle to the workpiece is too close to produce discharge breakdown powder coating, too far will increase the powder dosage and reduce production efficiency.

Conveyor Chain speed: 5m 5m. Too fast transmission chain will cause the powder coating thickness is not enough, too slow to reduce production efficiency.

Gun and Electrostatic controller: the gun In addition to the traditional internal storage type electrode needle, external also set the ring corona and make the electrostatic field more evenly to maintain the powder coating thickness uniformity. Electrostatic controller produces the required electrostatic pressure and maintains its stability, the fluctuation range is less than 10%.

Powder feeding System: The powder feeding system consists of a new powder barrel, a rotary sieve and a powder barrel. Powder coating first added to the new powder barrels, compressed air through the new powder bucket at the bottom of the flow plate of the micro-hole to make the powder, and then through the powder pump to the rotary screen. The rotating sieve separates the powder particles with large particle size (100 μm or more) and the remaining powder drops to the powder bucket. Powder barrels to the powder flow to the specified degree after the powder pump and powder delivery tube to provide spray gun spraying workpiece.