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Powder Equipment Heat Treatment Process
Jul 05, 2017

At present, Powder Equipment there are tens of thousands of dust factories in the country, because the equipment used for a long time, equipment spare parts in the powder production process wear is normal, Powder Equipment and spare parts such as wear and tear, lining wear will directly affect the powder mixing effect and yield; In the ring gear, column, classifier, reflow wear will directly affect the production of powder fineness and particle size distribution. How to better and continuously produce high-quality powder, Powder Equipment how to prevent wear and tear due to spare parts affect the quality of powder, is placed in front of the majority of powder manufacturers a very real problem.

At present in the powder equipment spare parts market, due to the use of materials and heat treatment process is different, so the production of spare parts wear life is also different. Powder Equipment At the same time because there is no uniform norms, so a variety of spare parts prices varied, but all the spare parts from the surface can not see what materials, what heat treatment process, and the powder plant mechanical parts of the material, heat treatment process are very little, resulting in The current powder equipment spare parts on the market confusion. How to choose according to the factory production of powder varieties and production to wear, long life, Powder Equipment cost-effective spare parts, which is the majority of powder manufacturers have been facing real problems. Powder Equipment I think the choice of spare parts first consider the quality, that wear long life, followed by cost-effective. The following types of wear parts commonly used in powder equipment, screw, screw, Powder Equipment mixing, ACM grinding gear in the selection of materials for specific analysis.

(1) 45 # steel or 40Cr is commonly used carbon steel and chromium alloy alloy steel structure, its carbon content of 0.45%. The two kinds of steel through the quenching heat treatment can reach HRC55 or so, Powder Equipment from the hardness point of view can also be used for screw sets, Powder Equipment ring gear production, but because of its small alloy elements, so its microstructure carbide is not wear, only suitable for screw In the general mandrel, but for the screw sets, ring gear and other long-term wear-resistant spare parts, will soon be worn.

20CrMnTi is an alloy carburized steel, Powder Equipment because it contains Cr, Mn, Ti element, so it is a low carbon alloy structural steel. It is through the carburizing heat treatment process, the surface can penetrate 1-2mm carburizing layer, the carburized surface hardness can reach HRC55-60. But this low-carbon alloy steel is generally suitable for gears in the gearbox. As the gears are generally soaked in oil, Powder Equipment wear is also slow, but not suitable for wear-resistant requirements of high sets of loops, Powder Equipment ring gear and other accessories, the reasons 1, high carburizing temperature, deformation; 2, carburizing layer metallographic structure is not Wear, wear faster. But its advantage is low cost.

Wear-resistant cast steel is a kind of steel in the high chromium and wear-resistant alloy elements (such as: nickel molybdenum cobalt), to improve the production of spare parts wear resistance, more suitable for the production of crushers and other vulnerable parts. Powder Equipment As a result of the use of cast steel technology, relative to the use of 65Mn forging production ring gear, the processing margin is small, waste less material, integrated manufacturing costs are low, but must be put into a mold cost, suitable for mass production, especially ring gear Spare parts have begun to be applied step by step.