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Industrial Dryer Use Very Widely
Jul 27, 2017

The industrial dryer coupler on the disc bolt removed, Industrial dryer remove the rubber block, open the outer bearing cover, with jack or hand chain hoist will be about 3mm from the top, with flat shovel, hand hammer hit bearing inner jacket Retract the bearing. If the bearings are too tight to come back, Industrial dryer you can use gas cutting cut down (note that when not cutting the journal).

Clean and clean new bearings, see if the bearing damage, with mechanical oil heated to 100 ~ 120 ℃ between.

Clean the journal, see the journal and bearing the face is not damaged, if available rasp for dressing, with 120 # emery cloth for grinding. And then cleaned with gasoline or diesel oil, coated with a layer of lubricating oil on the journal, the heated bearing on the journal, and with a copper rod quietly hit the inner sleeve of the bearing device in place. Remove the jack and hand chain hoist, so that the bearing into the bearing seat to participate in lubricating oil, cover the bearing gland tightening bolts.

Industrial dryer replacement inner bearing

1 make the bearing seat symbols, and then open the coupling, bearing and pinion housing, Industrial dryer hanging off the pinion group.

2 with 50T of the code will be semi-coupling removed, Industrial dryer and then remove the bearing. Or use

3 process to open the bearing.

4 after the replacement of the bearing, the coupling heating device on the shaft, hanging back in situ and to find, find the way: 1) with the ruler in the coupling on the outer circle, Industrial dryer Right by the paste, the plate and the outer diameter of the coupling outside the gap in the ≤ 0.10mm is the best zero error. ) Or with a dial indicator on the cross section of the coupling and the outer surface of the upper, lower, Industrial dryer left and right to find the error should be ≤ 0.05mm is the best zero error.

Industrial dryer Roller section is divided into four types: split roll, Industrial dryer round and simplified body, rectangular section and box section. The following industrial dryer manufacturers to explain some of the dryer roll ring selection:

Split roll is divided into several pieces of the trapped, tied with a borer into a whole. Industrial dryer There are four split forms and two separate fractions. Rolling sub-sub-structure to increase the workload of a lot of mechanical processing, it is also greatly reduced the role of simplified reinforcement. Industrial dryer Split connection is more rigid, can produce early damage, the service life is lower than the overall roll. When the dryer roller size, heavy weight, we can use split roll is to overcome the casting, transportation, one of the difficulties.

Rolling and simplified integration is usually done to further simplify the manufacture, installation, and enhance the rigidity of the rigid, with the roll and the thickening of the thick section (rolling part) together with the structure.

Industrial dryer roller section is solid rectangular, Industrial dryer simple manufacturing, low temperature stress. But the use of materials unreasonable, small stiffness (referring to the same weight of the dryer roller), poor heat dissipation conditions. At present the use of a wide range of large-scale firing kiln and cement kiln use this rectangular cross-section rolling. Box section, making complex, the use of materials is reasonable, high stiffness, Industrial dryer is conducive to strengthening the simplified stiffness, Industrial dryer good heat dissipation during operation conditions. Industrial dryer However, due to the complex shape of the cross-section, Industrial dryer the use of casting in the cold shrinkage process prone to cracks, trachoma, gas 7L and other defects, Industrial dryer these defects sometimes lead to cross-section fracture.