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Industrial Dryer The Volatilization
Aug 04, 2017

The temperature of the industrial dryer directly affects the moisture content of the final formed corrugated board. Industrial dryer heating plate is generally three groups, Industrial dryer each group by four, five, six heating plate composition. Each group of heating plates with steam-heated industrial dryers is equipped with a pressure regulator to adjust the steam pressure into the heating plate to change the temperature of the heating plate to ensure the production of high quality corrugated cardboard. Among these, Industrial dryer the following details need to be noted.

Before entering the industrial dryer, because the single-sided corrugated cardboard in the bridge on the length of time stored, so the water content will change. In addition, Industrial dryer the single-sided machine on the paste after a period of time the use of water content will change, and thus cause single-sided corrugated board water content changes.

Therefore, before the final composite, Industrial dryer the need for single-sided corrugated cardboard for the second preheat. The preheating process, the same according to the size of the water content, the appropriate adjustment, that is, by adjusting the activities of the guide roller, Industrial dryer change the preheat area, to adjust the water content of corrugated board purposes.

The purpose of drying, the first is to ensure that paste solution curing, while the water content of corrugated board adjustment, the two can not be neglected. Therefore, Industrial dryer should be based on single-sided corrugated board water content, at any time to adjust the pressure reducing valve, so that the industrial dryer to the appropriate temperature, both to ensure that the paste curing, but also to ensure that the final shape of the corrugated board water content is moderate. In addition, the length of the industrial dryer cooling section of the cardboard moisture also has a certain impact. Industrial dryer Cooling section is too short, the water can not be volatile in time, then need to increase the amount of local air supply to achieve the purpose of drying.

If the conventional temperature adjustment can not reach the ideal situation, Industrial dryer you can try to change the speed of the way to adjust. That is, when the water content is too high to slow down the speed, water content is too low to improve the speed.

Industrial dryer at work, less than a last resort can not stop. Industrial dryer If the front side of the machine to replace the roll, before the change in the car before the speed can be faster, in the flyover on the accumulation of part of the single cardboard. Industrial dryer will be able to run down after receiving a notice of change. If the industrial dryer shut down, the industrial dryer on the cardboard moisture will all evaporate clean, resulting in all cardboard scrapped.

Used industrial dryer people know that towel drying speed is slow, Industrial dryer less than expected to develop the drying effect, may be mistaken for the use of a long time, naturally can not meet the reasons, it is not true, this is the row Wind system problems caused by the results. The exhaust fan is arranged in the box body, Industrial dryer and is connected with the oven. Between the exhaust fan and the oven, there is also a filter.

1, pay attention to the gap between the air barrier, especially the industrial dryer bearing parts of the seal. And to prevent the flap valve out into the big slag chunks, bricks, wire and other debris. Industrial dryer Causing deep winds, and even hinder the nesting or stuck flap, can not flip.

2, observe the flap valve down the maximum amount of material and the size of the separation, whether with the sludge industry dryer to adapt to the speed. Do not store too much in the bucket effect. Industrial dryer And do not keep too little vibration to be complicated.

3, on time to the shaft oil refueling. Each class screw l ~ 2 times, Industrial dryer silver times can be a rotation. On the flashing valve to observe the operation is flexible, cutting is smooth, the balance hammer position is appropriate, triangular cone and the nozzle contact is tight. Industrial dryer According to the situation of ash reduction, the balance hammer can be properly adjusted, the triangular pyramid is usually active on the lever. In order to avoid flashing due to vibration and displacement, Industrial dryer but also in the industrial dryer under the cutting nozzle after it fixed welding on the lever.