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Industrial Dryer The Prospects Are Quite Broad
Aug 14, 2017

Industrial dryer is mainly used in the industrial field of drying and dehydration of materials, which mainly includes the rotary dryer, drum dryer and industrial dryer these three types, Industrial dryer is the current chemical, metallurgical, building materials, cement , Industrial dryer Refractory materials and other areas of the most favored a drying equipment, the application prospects are quite broad.

1, high drying rate: advanced structure design, technical parameters design more reasonable, Industrial dryer the material drying speed is very fast, can save a lot of work time, improve the efficiency of the entire material processing line.

2, low operating costs: high degree of automation, advanced motor design, the process of running the required labor costs, energy consumption, maintenance costs, Industrial dryer spare parts costs are very low, relative to other types of drying equipment on the market, the device at least For the processing plant to save a less than the cost of a fee.

3, the scope of application: industrial dryer equipment can slag, clay, coal, metal concentrates and some chemical materials for drying processing, adaptability, Industrial dryer not subject to the nature of the material, the operation process is very safe and stable.

4, long life: the cylinder and other devices made of wear-resistant materials, Industrial dryer rugged and abrasion resistance are greatly enhanced, excellent quality, life is the same type of drying equipment more than 3 times.

5, cost-effective ultra-high: This industrial dryer is my company since the research, production and self-selling equipment, no brokers make the difference, Industrial dryer the manufacturing cost than the same type of drying equipment, so this industrial drying Machine equipment prices are very affordable, cost is very high.

Main inspection Basic concrete pouring quality and size Location deviation: the appearance of the surface requirements of the surface clean, no oil, dust, debris, no steel exposed, no crack angle, Industrial dryer the hole is expected to remain no residual shell board, and other casting defects. For the basic size and position deviation should meet the following requirements: shape size and the base coordinate position, the vertical and horizontal axis error is less than 20mm. Different plane elevation error is less than 20mm, Industrial dryer only agreed not to answer positive; slope error length less than 20mm, Do not agree to be positive; plane flatness is less than 5mm / m, full length less than 10mm.

Industrial dryer basic installation procedures: the development of parts cleaning, testing, transport lifting in place, assembly testing, adjust the test run and other work sequence and content. Installation process. Important parts or hub parts, the preparation of detailed testing Installation method, Industrial dryer quality requirements, technical scale, deviation range, required tool gauges and other matters. Safety technical requirements. Development of assembly work, in order to avoid possible accidents, Industrial dryer must take security measures, hoisting homework instructions, hub installation Handling procedures, special precautions, etc. on the homework site, electrical lines, pipes and other accidents may occur hidden and preventive measures.