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Industrial Dryer Structure
May 26, 2017

Industrial drying machine by air flow, heating mode, transmission mode, Industrial dryer air suction mode, control mode, loading and unloading mode and so on are many kinds of classification, but the most important factor associated with the work efficiency is industrial dryer airflow flow design, so here mainly introduces different heating airflow form of industrial drying machine structure.

Radial inlet air Type industrial dryer

The so-called radial inlet refers to the flow of air from the diameter of the cage into the direction, it is mainly divided into the progressive and lateral side of the two basic forms (as shown in Figure 4). The progressive exhaust type industrial dryer is widely used in small and medium-sized laundries because of its simple structure and convenient operation. Lateral inlet and circulation industrial dryer, Industrial dryer mainly used in the medium and large-scale dryer, especially in the tunnel with the washing machine or a large number of continuous production lines on the supporting when used, the high degree of automation, the work speed.

Axial inlet is a structural form of the axial direction of the hot air inlet and the rotor body, which is divided into two basic forms of backward front end and backward front side. Industrial dryer According to different designs they all have exhaust and circulation type two. Backward front end of the cycle-type industrial dryer in the rear end of the cage open the inlet hole, the side plate does not open the hole, hot air from the front end of the hole and circulation, this dryer due to hot air penetration ability, high efficiency (see fig. 6). Backward front side out circulation type dryer in the rear end plate of the rotor and the front half of the side plate openings (the front plate does not open the hole), hot air from the back end axial flow through the fabric from the front side of the cage to discharge and circulation, this industrial dryer also has a strong hot air penetration capacity, Industrial dryer at the same time because of the use of the hypotenuse to help turn the bar and the opening of the cage to increase friction, can make the fabric drying effect (feel comfortable) better