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Industrial Dryer Leak Prevention Measures
Jul 14, 2017

We all know that the industrial dryer is composed of multiple components, Industrial dryer and the fan as an important component of the dryer equipment, Industrial dryer the fan is the hot air furnace heat generated by the exhaust, to maintain the entire furnace pressure and temperature, Industrial dryer the formation of mobile smoke The gas is completed in the heat exchange of the material. General dryer equipment is selected by the static blade adjustable axial fan, Industrial dryer it is easy to run in the oil pressure drop, bearing temperature, Industrial dryer bearing vibration and other issues.

First check whether the oil leakage, the filter is blocked and timely clean up the plug, do leak prevention measures, and then check the fan oil cooling water is normal input, Industrial dryer oil temperature is normal, and finally check the fan system valve valve status is normal, Industrial dryer Overhaul the relief valve and the lubricating oil pump.

Check whether the compressor is damaged (timely replacement), lack of lubricating oil (timely replenishment of lubricating oil), bearing vibration caused by, and then check the cooler work is normal, otherwise switch the fan operation; if still can not solve the check Overload operation, Industrial dryer timely reduce the load while adjusting the operating parameters of the hot air stove to prevent the flue gas tail temperature is too high lead to fan failure, Industrial dryer while the bearing temperature is higher than 100 degrees Celsius should stop the fan run.

Check the drier concrete foundation wear and strengthen the reinforcement measures, induced fan bearing damage, bending, wear and tear should be promptly replaced; and then check the fan blade wear, fouling, Industrial dryer collision and repair, to strengthen the bearing vibration value, voltage , Industrial dryer Air volume and other parameters of the monitoring, when the fan bearing vibration up to 5.6mm / s is necessary to take vibration measures, Industrial dryer if the bearing temperature increases rapidly, you should immediately turn off the fan.

When the fan is running, it is necessary to pay attention to the details:

1, induced draft fan operating conditions change, check the ability of induced draft fan

2, the sensitivity of the thermometer and oil standard regularly check, Industrial dryer and should control the bearing tank oil level within the allowable range.

3, in the fan of the boot, shutdown or operation process, Industrial dryer if found to have an abnormal fan, should immediately check. Check the small fault found, should promptly identify the reasons, try to eliminate or deal with, such as small failure can not be eliminated, Industrial dryer or found a big fault, should immediately check.

4, such as the flow is too large, Industrial dryer do not meet the requirements, or a short time need a smaller flow, you can use the throttle device to adjust.