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Industrial Dryer Fast Exchange
Jun 23, 2017

Industrial drying machine heating and heating stage, Industrial dryer the main evaporation surface water, just enter the low-temperature materials and high-temperature materials, rapid exchange of material, the surface of the material first form a layer of water film, easy to stick into the material and "crust" phenomenon, heating temperature , The main surface of water evaporation materials, Industrial dryer just enter the low-temperature materials and high-temperature material medium rapid heat exchange, the material surface first form a layer of water film, easy to stick into the sticky material and "crust" phenomenon, so the area as long as the use of high arc The lifting plate of the lifting plate partially raises and discharges the material on the one hand, Industrial dryer forming a material curtain with good heat exchange condition on the cross section of the cylinder body, and at the same time increases the material collision and friction opportunity and makes full use of the variable arc The anti-sticking and crushing of the lifting plate is most used, and the material of the surface water is rapidly fed into the constant-speed drying zone by the radial baffle.

In the choice of industrial dryer counter-current operation, should be based on the conditions to consider, into the material characteristics, particle size, Industrial dryer the final requirements of the material and the layout of the workshop and so on. In the cement plant in the two methods of operation are used, and the majority of downstream operation, the main features are as follows:

1, in the industrial dryer hot end, material and hot air off the larger temperature difference, heat exchange process quickly, a lot of water is easy to evaporate, apply to the higher moisture content of raw materials.

2, viscous materials into the industrial dryer, Industrial dryer the surface evaporation of water, can reduce the bond, is conducive to material movement. Used to dry wet coal, Industrial dryer to avoid direct contact with high temperature gas caused by fire.

3, downstream operation of the hot end of the negative pressure is low, can reduce the amount of leakage into the bake ten, is conducive to stabilize the industrial dryer hot gas temperature and flow rate.

4, feeding and coal supply with the industrial dryer with the hot side, the workshop layout is more convenient.

5, downstream flow of industrial dryer discharge temperature is low, generally available conveyor belt conveyor.

6, downstream operation of the dust flying more than when the countercurrent, industrial dryer, Industrial dryer the total heat transfer rate than the countercurrent to slow.

Drum industrial dryer just produced is not colorful, but also need to be painted by the workers, the equipment for painting two reasons is a beautiful degree, the other is to play a certain role in anti-corrosion.

After all the systems of the industrial dryer are finished, Industrial dryer the painting will be carried out, especially the exposed parts, not only the moisture barrier can prevent the sand industrial dryer equipment because of the long-term exposure to water vapor, Industrial dryer a series of chemical reactions, Sand industrial dryer appearance is also more beautiful.