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General Vacuum Dryer Which Applications
Apr 19, 2016

Box-type vacuum dryer: vacuum drying box, vacuum drying foam can be achieved. Whip mix of solid and liquid air or adding substances can produce gases such as ammonium carbonate. And through contact with the heating under reduced pressure for gas expansion, formed to take vacuum to control foam, foam layer drying of products with a loose organization structure, solubility good advantages. Therefore, bubble vacuum drying method used as a simple method of making instant food. For example, malted milk, milk replacer, fruit powder, instant coffee, instant tea and other food processing. Foam the operation of vacuum dry method is when the initial period of drying moisture more and the volume of liquid viscosity is not high, not high vacuum operation. Otherwise the uplift of foamed layer is high, easily overflow tray outside and the bubble burst, losing to the late sparkling gases should be retained. When slurry drying to a certain extent, improved vacuum at this time, the bubble will have a certain degree of stability, difficult to break down, forming a solid honeycomb frame for further drying.