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Dryer Various Kinds
Jul 05, 2017

Industrial dryer a wide range of brands, and now the market washing machinery industry competition, product quality is also not guaranteed, Dryer private small workshops in order to market competition, Dryer at all costs cut corners, industrial dryer quality is good or bad, Dryer So the drying time is not the same. In addition to the quality of the above questions, the following I will say a few other reasons for everyone.

The greater the heat of the heater, Dryer the greater the amount of heat generated per unit of time, the easier it is to dry the clothes. Currently on the market the most commonly used heating device is the electric heater, steam heater and gas heater three. No matter what form of the heater, Dryer in the final analysis is to produce the amount of energy per unit time to measure the size of thermal power. Therefore, whether it is electric heating, steam heating or gas heating, in the dryer fan flow under the same conditions, Dryer the amount of heat generated per unit of time the higher the thermal power. High thermal power is high in the air temperature, to meet the rapid evaporation of water in three favorable conditions in the high temperature is better conducive to drying conditions.

China's industry standard provisions of the dryer load ratio greater than 1:18, under normal circumstances the load ratio of 1:20 or higher, but in foreign or domestic clothing washing industry, Dryer due to the use of specialities are 1:25 and 1:30 of. To be sure, under certain conditions, drying the same amount of clothing, if the roller volume is greater, to improve the drying speed is also more favorable. Dryer In addition, the roller speed is appropriate, will also directly affect the drying process in the drum within the laundry of the uniformity. In the roller volume to determine the premise of the clothes throwing more uniform, it means that the moisture in the clothing show the larger surface area, the more conducive to the evaporation of water in the clothing. Dryer If the speed is too high, it will affect the uniformity of the laundry. The speed is too high, the clothes will be close to the drum; speed is too low, Dryer the clothes will roll. Which will affect the drying speed and heat utilization, so be sure to pay special attention.

Clothing loading directly affect the drying of more moisture and more clothing, will also affect the uniformity of the laundry inside the roll. Clothing loading less, Dryer less moisture, drying must be fast; the other hand, less clothing loading, drying process of clothing in the water surface area is large, but also more conducive to improve the drying rate. But if the clothing load is too small, Dryer although the drying speed is very fast, but the heat loss rate is high. Therefore, from the comprehensive energy consumption and drying speed considerations, the dryer load of clothing is generally approved to dry capacity of 50% to 80% is more reasonable.

The greater the water content of the dried clothes, the more heat is needed to evaporate the moisture in the laundry. Due to the different texture or loading of different fabrics, Dryer although the same varieties of the same speed elution or dehydration dehydration, Dryer the moisture content of the fabric is still very different. Towels and coma moisture content vary greatly, so the time to dry the towel and drying the time difference between the great clothes. Therefore, in order to shorten the drying time, Dryer select the high degree of dehydration of the eluent is particularly important. Because the cost of evaporation of one kilogram of water in the laundry is much greater than the elution of one kilogram of water.