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Dryer The Enthusiasm Of The
Aug 14, 2017

Dryer market rapid development, Dryer national policy support contributed The Ministry of Agriculture and the majority of the provinces to the food dryer as the focus of purchase subsidies, some agricultural social services pilot provinces to food drying operations into the scope of subsidies, Dryer and some provinces of food dryer research and development subsidies. These measures are effective to mobilize the development of enterprise R & D, farmers use the dryer to buy the enthusiasm.

However, the farmers and enterprises in the development of grain drying mechanization of the investment accounted for the bulk of the rapid development of the dryer market, mainly rely on the social demand or pull. Social needs generally include two factors: First, with the increase in the level of income of farmers, farmers to buy food dryer capacity is growing. Second, with the large-scale grain cultivation, Dryer the development of specialized management, the community demand for food dryer more and more urgent.

Dryer market continued rapid development, Dryer faced with the slowdown in farmers and other demand side of the problem. At present, the international agricultural market prices and domestic agricultural production costs rise "double squeeze", migrant workers out of employment scale and wage level growth "double down", farmers more and more difficult to increase income. Slowing the income of farmers, leading directly to the lack of purchasing power.

Nevertheless, the social needs of the dryer in the next few years are still relatively large. First, Dryer because China's grain drying mechanization level is still very low, is the full mechanization of food short board, the development potential and space is huge. Second, because with the rural land "three separate" reform of the deepening of the reform and the completion of the right to complete the certificate, Dryer as well as the General Office of the CPC Central Committee, the State Council General Office "to speed up the construction of the policy system to cultivate new agricultural management of the views of" Grain scale cultivation, professional development momentum will continue to improve. According to the National Agricultural Mechanization "thirteen five" development plan, by 2020 the national grain drying machine will reach 100,000 units, than the "second five" at the end of an increase of 31,000 units. In short, Dryer the development of the dryer market is mainly on the demand side, while on the supply side.

Dryer market has great potential for development, faced with a rare opportunity for development, the external there are many good, if the industry can meet the needs of the industry, and actively promote the supply side of the reform, to low-end production capacity, increase the supply of high-end products, The market is still rapid and sustainable development prospects. At present, Dryer the dryer market supply side of the structural reform focus on improving product quality and enhance service capabilities.

OK can only cause. Interested in the field of long-term development of the dryer, the depth of hard work in the face of the current hot dryer market, in particular, need to cherish their reputation, Dryer solidly improve product quality, and stronger after-sales service. After all, only products and services flies hard, companies can go far.

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