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Dryer More And More Types
Jul 27, 2017

With the promotion of national policy, the dryer market also ushered in the development of the spring. There are more and more types of food drying machines on the market, Dryer and the drying characteristics are varied. Although the role of the dryer in the grain purchase and marketing system in recent years, more and more obvious, but in the development of agricultural mechanization is far from the protagonist, Dryer and tractors, combine harvesters, transplanters and other mainstream models, Mechanical attention is very limited.

According to statistics, China's grain harvest due to the humid climate, Dryer too late to dry or did not meet the safe storage of water and lead to storage, transportation, processing and other aspects of mildew and germination deterioration, and in the drying process of throwing losses, The total grain output of 5%, about 70 billion jin or more, the economic losses of up to 300 to 60 billion yuan. Dryer If the annual output of 500 million tons of grain, equivalent to 25 million tons of grain. Dryer If you eat 1 kg of food per person per day, for the amount of 68,000 people a year. This figure is staggering, and the climate is unusually bad for the year. While Japan, Dryer the United States and other developed countries after the loss of grain harvest less than 1%. One of the main reasons is that China's use of grain drying mechanization level is low. Japan, the United States food drying mechanization level of 95% or more, Dryer China is less than 10%. In this sense, the modernization of grain drying is more important than the farm mechanization of the field, and it is also an important guarantee for grain yield and harvest.

In recent years, due to frequent natural disasters, a large area of serious regional food losses, Dryer driven by market demand and promote the government at all levels, China's food drying technology to promote the rapid development of equipment and manufacturing, drying enterprises around the mushroom,Dryer Brand sediment, compared with foreign countries, the existence of a dry market quality problems, the market competition is becoming increasingly intense. For example: advanced and efficient food dryer total serious shortage; Dryer not formed with the core technology leading enterprises; domestic drying industry development lack of science, system planning dryer promotion and service system construction lag; drying process and Technical equipment, Dryer the overall level of low and so on.

It is understood that, despite the rapid growth in the number of dryers in recent years, but from a nationwide perspective, the promotion of grain drying technology there are still many difficulties and problems: First, China's grain dryer industry is still in its infancy, Dryer Has not yet formed a core technology leader in the independent brand enterprises, product output, type and market demand gap between the larger, which is restricting the development of the dryer market is the key; Second, the dryer to buy and use the higher cost, Farmers are more difficult to bear. If there is no corresponding policy support and effective operation mechanism, ordinary farmers may be difficult to accept. Third, Dryer the centralized drying mechanism is not perfect. Dryer drying tonnage is generally more than 10 tons, the average farmer produced less than 10 tons of food, which requires the food and other farmers mixed together, but the food moisture, variety, quality and other different, Leading to drying is difficult to unified control, and food mixed with no one can be separated, and some farmers do not want to. Fourth, Dryer different regions of agricultural production resources and industrial operating environment vary widely, resulting in the demand for drying machinery around the place there is a big difference, an increase of enterprise product development and production of technical difficulties.

In terms of enterprises, Dryer increase the investment in scientific research, there is no scientific research investment, there is no technical update, no technical innovation, can not produce low cost, good quality dryer; training and employment of highly qualified qualified engineering and technical personnel; Drying enterprises should make more efforts in technical improvement, Dryer develop and produce better quality, the use of reliable, energy saving, easy operation, affordable universal models, so that a dryer can dry rice, but also Drying of corn, Dryer soybeans, rapeseed, etc., to achieve a multi-purpose machine to improve the efficiency of the use of dryers; dryer enterprises should also be committed to reducing the cost of heat source research, matching rice husk, straw, biomass fuels as heat The