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Dryer Market Demand
Jun 23, 2017

Dryer In recent years, with the accelerated pace of land transfer, the state attaches great importance to food security and subsidies to support the rapid growth of demand and market demand for the rapid increase in dryer production enterprises such as mushrooming, vigorous development, Dryer market factions thriving. So far, the demand market is mainly distributed in the northeastern region, North China, East China and South China, the demand for these areas accounted for almost 70% of the total industry, and in sharp contrast with the current part of our northern part Regional food dryer equipment is lacking, drying consciousness is weak. Dryer Production enterprises in the industry's fierce competition, leading to some manufacturers are anxious, only focus on immediate interests, the lack of systematic development ideas, the overall quality of the slow, seriously hindered the normal development of the industry.

Dryer industry in the rapid rise of the watershed in 2012, the domestic sales from 2300 to 2013, 5000 and then to 2014 more than 8,000 units, by 2015 the actual market sales reached 11860 or so. Dryer Southern rice producing areas in the beginning of 2016 began the entire market sales are in full swing. Northern market demand for dry grain drying is more obvious, but the actual application of the results and economic benefits of the analysis of the majority of users is still more vague, most customers wait and see attitude, this part of the market guidance and nurturing long way to go.

The main factors restricting the development of the current dryer business focus on technological innovation, product upgrades, financial strength and other aspects. Dryer A small part of the rapid development of the dryer production enterprises have to a bottleneck, the overall strength is difficult to break, can only follow the market demand, let the natural development. Comprehensive above, the future development of the dryer should be efficient, environmentally friendly energy-saving, simple operation, low-cost operation and even to the drying and storage of the overall project to build. Government, agriculture, agriculture, the establishment of drying centers, services, effective drying radius, to achieve social and economic benefits of the double harvest, Dryer and effectively protect food security and farmers' income.

Drying machinery sales channels from the initial processing enterprises and storage enterprises and seed enterprises to the current development of agricultural cooperatives, family farms, large grain growers, large grain circulation. Channel expansion also brought market segmentation and product segmentation, Dryer market demand for product differentiation significantly, but most of the dryer business on the subtle changes in the market feel is not deep, product structure adjustment is slow, or even stagnant, resulting in Existing products lack the core competitiveness of the product to follow up the weak, only with low with low prices for market competition, Dryer most of the enterprise profitability is not strong, resulting in poor overall product configuration, stability is not strong, after-sales service is not timely , The dryer market which entered a vicious cycle.