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Dryer Maintenance
Jul 14, 2017

Three-way dryer maintenance is an extremely important regular work, Dryer it should be extremely close to the operation and maintenance, should be full-time staff on duty check.

1, when the dryer transported by the manufacturer to your production site when you first of the dryer to the routine inspection, check whether you buy which machinery and in the transport process is damaged, Dryer can not use and other issues , The problem should immediately take pictures and contact with the manufacturer.

2, the dryer before you should determine the installation location of the dryer, Dryer dryer installation location should take into account the transport channel, Dryer raw material turnover, water, into the steam and the location of the sewer, here to remind you should be installed in the dryer Dehydration machines, Dryer dryers and other equipment together to reduce the distance between these devices to prevent the location of the improper selection of the follow-up caused by all kinds of trouble.

3, the dryer is a larger, heavier one of the drying equipment, so the machine should be installed on a solid foundation, while maintaining the level, to prevent the site because of the installation and location of the ground caused by uneven Equipment work when a greater vibration, Dryer thus affecting the drying efficiency and dryer life.

4. Refer to the instruction manual of the dryer and follow the relevant contents in the manual to find the door of the electrical control cabinet of the dryer, Dryer and insert the 380V three-phase power cable and the neutral line according to the terminal (it is necessary to remind the dryer Of the electricity must be 380V, Dryer prohibit access to low voltage or high voltage)

5, with reference to the drying body label that the corresponding access to the inlet pipe and steam pipe, if you do not have the steam conditions, Dryer the inlet can be blocked. If the steam heating function is used, Dryer install the pressure indicating device and the safety device at the obvious point of the main steam pipe.

Install test run

1, the equipment should be installed on the basis of the level of concrete, with anchor bolts.

2, the installation should pay attention to the main body and horizontal vertical.

3, after installation,Dryer check whether the various parts of the bolt loose and the mainframe door is tight, if any, please fasten.

4, according to the power of the equipment configuration power lines and control switches.

5, check is completed, the empty load test, Dryer the test can be normal production.

Bearing crusher bearing the full load of the machine, so good lubrication of the bearing life has a great relationship, it directly affects the machine life and operating rate, Dryer which requires the injection of lubricating oil must be clean, the seal must be good, the main Oil filling:

(1) Rotary bearings (2) Roller bearings (3) All gears (4) Movable bearings, sliding surfaces.

1, the newly installed tires prone to loose must be regularly checked.

2, pay attention to the work of the various parts of the machine is normal.

3, pay attention to check the wear parts of the wear and tear, Dryer pay attention to replace the wear parts.

4, put the activities of the chassis plane, Dryer should be out of dust and other objects in order to avoid the machine can not break the material when the activities of the bearings can not move on the chassis, Dryer resulting in serious accidents.

5, bearing oil temperature rise, Dryer should immediately stop the cause of the check to be eliminated.

6, rotating gear in the operation if the impact should immediately stop the inspection and eliminate.