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Dryer Broad Prospects
Aug 04, 2017

In recent years, due to frequent natural disasters, Dryer a large area of serious regional food losses, driven by market demand and promote the government at all levels, China's food drying technology to promote the rapid development of equipment and manufacturing, drying enterprises around the mushroom, Dryer  Brand sediment, compared with foreign countries, the existence of a dry market quality problems, the market competition is becoming increasingly intense. Dryer For example: advanced and efficient food dryer total serious shortage; Dryer not formed with the core technology leading enterprises; Dryer domestic drying industry development lack of science, system planning dryer promotion and service system construction lag; drying process and Technical equipment, the overall level of low and so on.

In terms of the current dryer business situation, Dryer according to incomplete statistics, there are 500 dry enterprises in China, Dryer the vast majority of small and medium enterprises, dryer production is not large, low technical content, product design, production technology Less investment, Dryer resulting in fewer types of products, mature models less, and the product is generally high energy consumption, low level of automation, the lack of specialized agricultural households, large grain and village groups for small and medium-sized multi-functional drying machinery. In the national food security strategy and the policy of agricultural subsidies, Dryer some powerful large enterprises have also stationed in the field of grain dryer, such as: Changzhou Dongfeng, Zoomlion, Lovol Heavy Industries, Dongfanghong and so on.

On the national level: the development of food production, Dryer storage, transportation, processing and other sectors of the national or industry wear standards; Dryer to develop food dryer industry support policies to increase domestic independent leading enterprises in the technical and financial support to encourage industry Technology innovation, the scale of industrial enterprises and the growth of the connotation; vigorously cultivate the grain reserve enterprises, grain processing enterprises, Dryer with a certain size of the agricultural cooperatives, grain growers and future family farms and other food drying business, encourage and develop food Drying mechanization; increase the drying machinery and supporting facilities purchase subsidies, the dryer equipment and facilities are also included in the scope of subsidies; additional drying operations subsidies, subsidies with the amount of grain drying costs to determine the grain, Dryer to solve the food Drying the main business to worry about; establish and improve the agricultural financial support mechanism to encourage the main business to buy advanced, Dryer applicable food drying machinery.

The future of China's dryer market prospects, Dryer the international well-known dryer enterprises have entered the Chinese market, Dryer and thus domestic agricultural enterprises should be ahead of the layout of the dryer market, through the market healthy competition into the drying equipment market, eliminate backward production capacity, as soon as possible to complete drying Equipment industry upgrade.