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Powder Equipment Thermoplastic And Thermosetting
Jun 09, 2017

Powder coating is usually divided into thermoplastic and thermosetting, Powder Equipment can be used in a variety of ways to apply solid powder evenly on the surface of metal materials, mainly for household appliances, Powder Equipment aluminum profiles, automobiles and parts and other fields, powder coating and ordinary liquid paint coating technology can play a better effect.

Electrostatic spraying technology is one of the most widely used powder coatings technology because of its high efficiency, simple operation and cost-benefit.

Because of the advantages of powder coatings, the demand for powder coatings is increasing worldwide. Because of the cost advantage, powder coating is widely used in indoor equipment and the infrastructure that needs to be used in inclement weather. In addition, Powder Equipment some other strong performance in traditional liquid coatings, Powder Equipment such as abrasion resistance, abrasion resistance and so on, also promote the application of powder coatings.

However, some limitations of powder coating equipment have led to the restriction of powder coatings in application popularization. For example, powder coating can not be applied to large-area coating, and it is not suitable for the complex shape of the workpiece surface coating. In addition, the use of some powder coating on air compressors makes the operation more complex and cumbersome, not conducive to the market growth of this coating process.

Powder coating equipment from the function is divided into oven, spray room, spray gun and so on.

The spray gun is generally used to carry electrostatic on the powder and spray the charged powder onto the workpiece surface. The spray gun can be divided into hot lance, Powder Equipment double voltage powder spray gun, electrostatic spray gun, friction gun and other spray gun according to function.

Oven for curing powder coating, the market is mainly divided into convection curing furnace, infrared curing furnace and other types of curing oven.

Powder spraying Process Although there are many advantages, and in environmental protection far beyond the painting process, but due to enter the domestic time is relatively short in the popularity of the level is not very high, many users of the spraying process understanding is not very deep. Therefore, Powder Equipment the author warmly remind the vast number of users in the selection of electrostatic powder spraying equipment need to refer to the comparative professional advice

1. According to the basic physics principle of electrostatic spraying, I can know that when the charging voltage exceeds a certain value, it will aggravate the "Faraday effect" and "the anti-ionization effect", Powder Equipment and affect the powder rate more.

2. High electrostatic voltage easily caused by the phenomenon of gun tips, easy to leave the surface of the workpiece pinhole, resulting in poor appearance quality.

3. High-voltage ignition phenomenon will also increase the spray powder indoor dust burning phenomenon. Therefore, the actual use of the process should be based on the characteristics of the powder, Powder Equipment the characteristics of the workpiece to adjust the voltage to the appropriate stage to obtain a relatively good spraying effect.