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Dryer The Improvement Of The Quality Of Life
Jun 09, 2017

Dry dehumidification is an essential process in many industrial production, Dryer food production and agricultural and sideline products processing. With the improvement of people's quality of life, the awareness of environmental protection is becoming more and more strong, as well as the depletion of non-renewable energy (such as natural gas, coal, oil). The original coal, fuel or electric heating and other high-energy, high pollution of the use of drying equipment is severely restricted or even banned. Dryer Looking for a new, safe, environmentally friendly, efficient and energy-saving dry dehumidification equipment instead of the old-fashioned dry dehumidification equipment is becoming more and more urgent, green Special air source heat pump dryer is in this environment came into being. Green Heat pump dryer operating costs only coal-fired fuel 1/3, electric drying equipment 1/4, and greatly reduce the cost of manpower management.

High temperature heat pump dryer is the use of the principle of reverse Carnot, absorbing the air free of heat and transfer it to the drying of the warehouse, Dryer to achieve the temperature of the drying room, with the corresponding desiccant dehumidification equipment to achieve dry materials. The refrigerant circulates in the system under the action of the compressor, it completes the gaseous step-up heating process in the compressor (the temperature is up to 100 Shan), it enters the inside machine to release the high temperature heat to heat the air in the room, Dryer at the same time, it is cooled and converted to liquid, when it runs to the outside, the liquid rapid evaporation heat absorption again into the gaseous, at the same time the temperature to 20-30 Shan, Dryer then the air in the vicinity of the receiver will be a steady stream of thermal transmission to the refrigerant. Refrigerant is constantly circulating to achieve the heat in the air into the drying room to heat the air temperature in the room to achieve the purpose of drying materials.

1, energy-saving and efficient: Air source heat pump dryer operating costs only 40% of the fuel dryer, coal-fired dryer 60% and electric heating equipment 30%, greatly saving the cost of drying for enterprises to create a direct profit.

2, safety and environmental protection: drying dehumidification Heat pump unit with safety (electrical separation Technology), 0 pollution emissions, Dryer drying materials themselves non-polluting, the environment is not polluted.

3, the drying effect is good: the material does not deform in the drying process, does not crack, no discoloration, no deterioration, no oxidation, dry thoroughly, after dry rehydration, nutrients loss less, long storage period, than any traditional drying equipment more effective protection of dry matter color, fragrance, taste, individual form and effective;

4, Thermal energy utilization: Closed drying dehumidification, two waste heat recovery, no need to exhaust waste heat, heat energy utilization higher.

5, simple installation, simple operation, small occupies a place.

6, touch-screen programmable central controller: The time slot programming, can dry, row wet, closed dehumidification, humidity, cold dry to meet the different drying requirements of various industries; the stored drying process makes it easier to dry your materials.

7, intelligent Operation: No need to be on duty, without manual flip, feed-out material, the process is simple, reduce the input of human and material resources.

8, simple maintenance, low maintenance costs.

9, long service life, one-off investment, more than 15 years of income use.

10, low drying costs, investment costs can be recovered in the short term.