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Industrial Dryer Various Factors
Jun 09, 2017

Industrial dryer The drying system of industrial dryer is subdivided into a combination of different matching equipment, each part of its running state will have a certain influence on the drying process of industrial dryer and the output quality of the equipment. Industrial dryer In this case, it is necessary to consider the various factors that may affect the drying rate, how to do the material in the dryer drying process speed up, Industrial dryer so that the quality of finished products better, from the dry strategy and material distinction, we should pay attention to the following conditions.

1th, the structure and rotational speed of industrial dryers. Manufacturers need to consider that the special structure of the dryer and the device is for a number of high humidity sticky materials special equipment, according to the characteristics of the material dry finished products to go better road development direction.

2nd, for drying media and materials contact. The effective increase of drying medium and materials in the working process of contact area, can improve drying rate, Industrial dryer such as setting up the lifting plate device.

3rd, the drying medium temperature, humidity and flow rate are affected. If the temperature of the drying medium is higher, the relative humidity will become smaller, Industrial dryer and the flow rate is greater, the drying time will be relatively short. However, the temperature, humidity and flow of the drying medium will be affected by the properties of the materials and the industrial dryers.

4th, the structure of the dryer combustion chamber is reasonable, the quality of the fuel drying process is affected.

5th, we should consider what is the difference in resource conditions, what is the so-called resource conditions? Is the user's hand existing materials, Industrial dryer different materials have different structural characteristics, according to the intrinsic quality of these materials to analyze and compare with other materials in the same drying conditions, drying rate performance is different.

In the process of setting up the equipment in the industrial dryer, the temperature of the motor and the bearing must be checked regularly, and the temperature shall not exceed the established range, gear sound should be balanced, the operating temperature of the motor has a direct relationship with the operation of the equipment, if the actual operation of the industrial dryer set up equipment installed in the motor temperature is too high, this will greatly reduce the efficiency of equipment installation, Industrial dryer affecting drying results and finished product quality. Analyze the reasons of high or low temperature of industrial dryer motor:

One: The installation of equipment, the motor wind vane reversal, causes the motor to appear the calorific condition and the temperature appears unceasingly reduces the phenomenon, the tension affects the motor normal operation, more has the very intense person also may cause the motor the burning loss, at this time needs to disconnect the power supply to change the motor position, causes the wind vane to rotate in the correct direction.

Second: industrial drying machine motor heating tube burnout, resulting in the motor in the work of the heat can not be discharged in time, hidden in the motor outside the heat caused by the reduction of the motor temperature, such a situation will affect the efficiency and the life of the motor, Industrial dryer then the need for timely downtime and burn out of the heating tube to replace, so that the work of the motor energy can be produced in a timely manner normal discharge.

Three: industrial drying machine Motor heating pipe conduction line burnt out, heat pipe guide wire was burnt is an important original motor cooling, if there is a rupture can not be timely heat conduction out, the temperature of the motor is gradually reduced, once more than the capacity of the motor, the safety device will break, and even directly lead to the installation of equipment to prevent the operation of the entire production line, Industrial dryer the work of the staff to install and replace the heat pipe conductive line, to choose a better conductive wire, Ensure the installation of equipment safety and security work.