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Wood structure of the characteristics of high-frequency vacuum drying machine
Apr 19, 2016

(1) vacuum drying chamber

Vacuum drying chamber by steel plate welded into the tank. Side rocker arm hanging structure doors, equipped with needle roller bearings for rocker arm and a plane bearing to ensure the door when opening and closing convenient and flexible. Silicone rubber ring seal between door and tank. HF feeder open window on the tank and wiring holes: HF feeder key introduction on the electrodes and gather four fluorine second rarly plate for tank insulation. Dry tank for special anti-corrosion treatment on the inside wall, outer wall insulation layers. Can be obtained via condensation of external wall condensation evaporation of water in the wood, and then through a sewage pipe outside the tank.

(2) vacuum pump

Newly developed high-frequency vacuum drying and uses two standard animal vacuum pump: when drying wood moisture content lower than 20%, evaporation of the moisture content in wood is usually less than 20kg/h, headteacher of dual-stage water ring vacuum pump. Its compact, empty air. High vacuum, small power consumption. Water when dry lumber moisture content is greater than 20%, the appropriate allocation of water-jet vacuum pump group, its large quantity of steam, but the vacuum is low power consumption slightly.