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When choosing a vacuum dryer need to note which of these quality issues
Apr 19, 2016

Finally, select and design must take into account the noise problem. According to the strictness of noise, noise abatement measures up to total system price price plus rate on air suspension dryer, fan is the main source of the noise. In addition, pumps, gearboxes, compressors, spray equipment, burners and mixer will produce noise. To make the lower fan noise should make the system pressure drop is low, and high collection efficiency and contradict the higher pressure drop.

Above is some special factors affecting drying equipment selection, these factors in selection of drying system should be taken into account. Rarely have this kind of situation may meet all the criteria in the choice of vacuum drying machine. However, in most cases, we can modify the design or operation of drying system to meet all the basic technical requirements.

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