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Our food ordering low-temperature frying vacuum dryer has been installed
Apr 19, 2016

Today, the circular ordered low-temperature frying food companies toward the dry vacuum dryers for drying agricultural products of fruits and vegetables, now have all been made and installed.

Low-temperature frying vacuum drier suitable for dry red sweet potatoes, French fries and other potato, taro class, fruit and vegetable oil processing and processing of agricultural products, has the characteristic of vacuum low-temperature frying, keep the food colors, unique crisp effect, and never get tired of eating, is memorable.

The company specializing in the production of fruit and vegetable produce technology of vacuum low-temperature frying and frying equipment, plant production site selection, design, installation instructions. Red sweet potatoes, French fries and other potato, taro, fruit and vegetable farm produce processing and oil processing, process training, training of staff, welcome to negotiate.