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Inspection of rotary vacuum dryer failures and
Apr 19, 2016

Two Taiwan rotating vacuum dry machine exists roughly same of defects, defects parts also basic same: ① convex margin and English clip sets, and reinforced Board connection at and the clip sets and reinforced Board connection at has crack, longitudinal crack along weld edge and the weld effect district development, by view in convex margin and clip sets, and reinforced Board connection at weld and the hot effect district Zhijian found throughout crack and micro-crack, throughout crack is corrugated shaped, in weld bias hot effect district direction development, micro-crack General parallel Yu weld, near has gray yellow corrosion real, by detection contains CL-, and s elements. ② at the time of verification pattern, found a jacket with the flanges and rib jacket, flange does not use the full penetration of fillet weld Groove structure, its lack of penetration of fillet weld, suspicion of lack of fusion.