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Industrial Dryer

The heat source of the industrial dryer comes from the combustion device, while the dryer adopts a downstream heating method. Therefore, the material to be dried is slipped from the feed box and the feed into the cylinder, that is, pushed back by the spiral plate. As the dryer is placed obliquely, the material flows to the rear end under the action of gravity and rotation. On the other hand, the material is repeatedly picked up by the copying plate and is taken to the upper end and then continuously sown down, so that the material forms a uniform curtain in the cylinder. The curtain is fully exchanged with the hot air flow in the cylinder. As the material is repeatedly spread, the moisture contained is gradually dried, thereby achieving the purpose of drying.
As one of the professional and reliable manufacturers and suppliers in China, our company is able to provide the industrial dryer with premium quality and stable, consistent and excellent performance. It is widely used in food, feed, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining and other industries.
The industrial dryer manufactured by our factory is easy to operate, and convenient to maintain and clean, prolonging the service life. It is environmentally friendly that the system works under negative pressure, no dust overflows, and the environment is clean, meeting the national environmental protection requirements. And it is capable of working silently with little noise to make sure the quiet working environment.
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